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... tiptoeing around sleep

Tip-toeing around sleep
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What the night brought
| Welcome |

This is a fanfiction community of one slightly blurry existence. Feel free to watch the community. All entries are public, but the whole community is set to containing adult content to comply with LJ rules.

Disclaimer to make things crystal clear: It would be really fun, if I could just order them online, and in a week they would arrive in a box all plastered with signs FRAGILE on it. However, as far as I am concerned, I am in no way associated with J&A, and ordering a Japanese idol on line is not an option at the moment.
| Few remarks |

I have somehow found myself deep in the blissfully delusional fandom that is RyoDa. Thus most of the fics are centered around these two boys. I am more of a KAT-TUN writer than NEWS writer, but you won’t find much of Akame here.

I encourage you to leave me constructive criticism, but please refrain from bashing the boys; I love them all no matter how I portray them. Also do not forget; this is fiction!

I’m not a native speaker, nor do I pretend to be one. I do (make ;D) mistakes. I have been known to use beta as much as post unbeta-ed fics created in the midst of sleep deprivation that will no doubt have much more typos and grammatical hiccups. Point them out and I‘ll fix them.
| My virtual corner |

I had my hand in the following amazing events ;D. Of course made amazing by the participants:
Devil or Angel – JE collaboration challenge.
Fic the Faith! – KAT-TUN fic exchange
RyoDa Valentine Ficolate - RyoDa fic exchange

Feel free to PM me here on LJ if I can be of any help.

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