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One-shot: Wake-up call

Title: Wake-up call
Pairing: Pin
Rated: R for Jin´s specific waking up methods
Summary: Pi doesn´t like getting up in the mornings, Jin decides to help, requested with the Pi quote from TV Pia
Beta by myxstories

Originally posted on 02/04/2010 here as a part of Pin Anonymeme the Second

The thing I want to graduate from!
Something I want to graduate from. Umm~ I wonder what. Probably my bad ability to wake up. I can't really get out of my futon (laugh)

Yamapi in TV Pia 18.4

Well, it’s not like Jin is any better. But this is Pi, and he wants to help.

Maybe he just wants to spend some time with him. Mornings sound good. Now the concerts are over, he is a bit less busy. Only a bit.

The US edition II, as Yamapi labelled Jin’s activities in LA, is around the corner. Jin knows Pi will just miss him. He will too. Sometimes, he tells himself it won’t be that bad. There are times that the two of them don’t hang out for weeks, too busy to do anything but work and sleep. He knows better than that. It’s that thought that, eventually, if it gets too hard, or too gloomy or too serious, he can just drop—face down—on Pi’s couch. Anytime he needs to. It’s that possibility that makes not spending time together much easier. It is the security of having Yamapi watch his back.

Now, in LA, there is no couch like the one Pi has.

Jin knows only a phone call in the middle of the night won’t satisfy him while he's away.

It also won’t be middle of the night for Pi.

But this mission is all about Pi. About Jin wanting to do something for Pi. Because Yamapi will miss him. And until he goes away, maybe he can stock him up on some quality Jin time. And waking Yamapi up sounds like a plan.

It’s a phone call at first because Jin realizes a bit too late that he doesn’t have any way to get into Yamapi’s apartment. Nakamaru had undergone fire-fighters' training, not him, and climbing to the balcony on 18th floor is not an option.

It’s a total failure - the first time. Pi picks up only after Jin has redialled the number three times, and when he does, he mumbles something about calling back after brushing his teeth. He never does. Ryo says Yamapi had almost been late that the morning.

Jin coos the spare key location out of Yamapi. He is surprised there even is one; what kind of super idol keeps his spare key under the door mat? Seriously. Pi just laughs and brushes it off, asking if Jin wants to come into his apartment and steal his couch to ship it to LA. Jin may have been blabbing about there not being one like that in States.

The second time, Jin himself oversleeps. When he gets to Yamapi’s apartment though, the other man is still asleep anyway. All spread out across his futon, hair messy, slight smile on his lips, brain still in dream land. Jin calls out to him. Nothing happens. Then he shakes him, and Pi stares a bit. He then smiles even more, eyes far from clear, and turns away from Jin. The older nudges him again. Pi sighs and mumbles something about having a good dream and not wanting to wake up. Jin rolls him over. Pi looks at him for 30 long seconds with that clouded gaze before he realizes this is in fact not a dream.

“Get up now, you need to get moving,” Jin tells him. Pi looks so comfortable. Jin too would have liked to stay in bed a bit longer this morning.

“Alright,” Yamapi sighs and makes an effort to kick the covers off. That is enough for Jin and he leaves. If he is to get up early in the morning, it will be nice to actually be on time for work.

Later that day, Yamapi tells him to just keep the key.

“I didn't really keep it under the doormat, I'm not that crazy.”

Jin furrows his brow, “At least you got out of the bed alright.”

He blushes only a little at the fact Pi has put the key there because of him and he trusts him enough to let him keep it. They might be great, maybe even the best of friends, but having keys from their respective places isn’t that common between friends. Is it?

“I always get up out of bed alright. But if you mean on time, then I fell asleep again after you left.”

The third time, Jin sets up his phone and his other phone as well, placing it far away from bed. He is in Yamapi’s apartment on time.

He can’t bring himself to do it. To wake his friend, who looks so calm, relaxed and peaceful. Yamapi sleeps with the curtains closed, only grey remains of light making it through the thick fabric into the room coupled with the light from the room behind where Jin is standing in the doorway. That light makes Yamapi’s entire figure glow, seeking the life in between the dead shapes of furniture naturally.

When Jin finally shakes himself off, he tries to be gentler. Last time, he was in a hurry. He brushes Yamapi's hair away from his eyes and rubs his arm. Jin’s fingertips seem to like the feel of Yamapi’s skin underneath them, of muscles that are again becoming prominent at all times now that Pi is boxing again. Jin runs his palm up and down Yamapi’s entire arm, bare because Pi sleeps in a sleeveless top. He can’t help but continue over his shoulder, up the neck, over his jaw and into his hair. Pi hums contentedly, and Jin realizes what he has been doing. That was caressing right there! But Pi keeps on sleeping, only his mouth is smiling again. Jin wonders what he dreams about. Perv. He shakes the man one more time, and Yamapi gets a hold of himself a little faster this time.

“Oh, this is a repeating pattern,” he says, his voice a little hoarse from sleep.

Jin shoots up abruptly, the tone affecting him in ways he does not remember associating with Pi ever before.

“You said you wanted to learn to wake up better. I am helping here.”

“Oh,” Yamapi says and lets Jin pull him into a sitting position.

“Now you're up, I need to go,” Jin says and leaves. He'd taken too long before he actually attempted to wake Pi up.

The fourth time, Jin forgets it’s Sunday, only remembering when he sees Ryo on Yamapi’s couch. They went out last night, and he knew. He had been invited, but had a dinner with his family to attend.

He was fully prepared, water gun and all, but now he is backing out of the apartment, trying to not to draw any attention to himself.

Even if Ryo’s mouth had twitched into a smirk, he hadn’t noticed.

The fifth time, Jin leaves his water gun in the car and is too lazy to go back to get it.

Instead, he kneels on the edge of the futon and runs his hand down Yamapi’s back. The other man stirs and sighs contently.

So Jin does it again.

The reaction is the same, only this time Pi also turns his head, and now Jin can see his face. He touches his cheek because his fingertips have a mind of their own and they liked the last wake-up attempt a lot. Pi turns around completely and leans into the touch.

Jin stares.

The younger man is still sleeping though. By now, it is clear he is a heavy sleeper. So Jin won’t get caught like this, right? He can get away with few simple touches, just to find out how soft the skin is, purely for scientific purposes, to see exactly how good Yamapi’s bath soap is.

Besides, it seems Pi kind of enjoys this. He is nuzzling into the touch and mumbling something like encouragement to the person in his head. Jin wonders who is caressing Pi in his dream. He shakes his head to get rid of the slight lurch in his stomach. Pi’s breath is as even as when he has come in. His face loose, not one wrinkle disrupting the picture perfect like this.

Jin knows he is doomed when he finds himself leaning over his friend, his nose nuzzling Yamapi’s jaw. But it is all in the name of waking Pi up, and he will probably have no clue what happened when he really comes to himself. Pi uses really nice soap. His skin is really soft. It smells good too. Feels good, and Jin wonders how it would feel against his lips.

The first kiss is fleeting, somewhere around the crook of Yamapi’s neck. The next is a little longer, lips pressed next to the strap of Yamapi’s shirt. Pi stirs, and his hand comes up and winds into Jin’s hair. He really is an old pervert, Jin thinks. But the fingers, threading into the strands of his hair, are only encouraging. Even if it is only an illusion. The next kiss is a brush of Jin’s lips against Pi’s collarbone. Yamapi hums, but his hand is limp and heavy in Jin’s hair and his breathing is still slow and full of sleep.

It all gets more dangerous from then on, as Jin’s lips move up Yamapi’s neck and behind his ear. Jin fits his body next to Yamapi, the younger man’s hip pressing against his leg and stomach. The hand falls from Jin’s hair, but Pi squirms and hums, and Jin’s hands and lips and want are beyond his mind’s power. He is touching and kissing, nose nuzzling into Yamapi’s hair, lips tracing his neck and hair line. Jin’s hand is daring, sneaking under Yamapi’s t-shirt, around his navel, and across his abs. Pi shivers when Jin’s thumb brushes a spot right above his waistband.

Jin is sure that this will wake Pi up. It is a little scary because he has started this exactly with the premise of not getting caught. But then the very original idea had been to help Pi. To help his friend wake up. It’s too late anyway; his hand is in Yamapi’s sweat pants already. Jin chuckles a bit because Pi is not as soft as he thought he would be. He muffles his laughter into Yamapi’s neck, and the younger man in his hand is sporting an erection now and is pressing closer to Jin’s kisses. Yamapi’s eyes are still closed, and the small noises he makes are really the only change visible.

Jin likes the feel of Yamapi’s length in his palm. He marvels in the way it twitches when Jin’s tongue darts and licks a path from Yamapi’s jaw into his hair. He smirks a little; if the aim is to get Pi out of bed, then maybe his sweats should be spared. He stops what he’s doing, and Pi whines, pushes up for the first time, and his eyelids flutter. Jin works fast, pulling the pants out of the way, and when his hand returns to Yamapi’s length, the other relaxes again, goes almost limp. All of his body but this one part is still asleep. Lazy ass, Jin thinks.

It shouldn't take much longer, and Jin is getting kind of uncomfortable pressed against Yamapi’s hip, so he decides to speed up. His wrist is flying up and down the hot flesh, his nose under Yamapi’s jaw again, a bit ashamed, enough to resist watching Yamapi’s expression finally changing. He twists his wrist and there is sharp intake of breath that Jin feels through Yamapi’s skin. He doesn’t see the other man’s eyes flying open, so his tempo doesn’t falter.

Jin flicks his tongue out, and Pi realizes that it isn’t a dream, and it isn’t his own hand on his length as he imagines Jin jerking him off either. That has happened before, but this time Jin’s typical fragrance doesn’t disappear as it should when his eyes open, turning wide because it feels so good.

Jin tightens his grip, and Pi suddenly moans out loud and thrusts upwards. Jin realizes the other man’s breath is suddenly racing, and he lifts his head in a moment of panic. Yamapi turns his head into the side then and stares. Jin doesn’t know what to say or do, but he knows that if it was the other way around, no matter how awkward it could get afterwards, he wouldn’t want Pi to stop now.

“Good morning,” he breathes out and pushes his thumb against the slit of Yamapi’s cock. The other man cries out and comes hot and hard, body shuddering with shock and orgasm.

“Eww...” Jin says, his hand sticky, and wipes it on the sheets. “Now you really have to get up,” he says, trying to play it light and funny. It was just one hand job, he didn’t even kiss . . .

His trail of thought freezes. Pi is pressing his lips against his, and Pi’s tongue is out to get his own because, well, Jin has been talking.

It seems like an eternity until Pi seems content enough to pull away. Jin can’t close his eyes, can’t take them off Yamapi’s eyelashes because that is about all he sees as the other man’s eyes have closed again. But he kisses back because it feels good, and he might have wanted to do this anyway.

“Well, this is what you might consider a wake-up call,” Pi growls eventually. Then he wrinkles his nose. “But you know, you could have spared my sheets.”

“Getting them dirty was kind of the point,” Jin says and ponders over everything that's just happened.

Pi sighs, all pained and put off, and gets out of bed. “I’m taking a shower.”

“I should go,” Jin says. Maybe not addressing this will work.

“Are you going to walk outside of here with that hard on?” Pi asks. He can’t possibly see it under the covers. Jin doesn’t understand.

“You were rubbing against my hip, you know,” Yamapi supplies.

“Oh...” Now this might be a bit embarrassing even for Jin.

“Jin,” Yamapi’s soft voice catches his attention, interrupts his thoughts, “If you are willing to help me wash my back, I might be willing to help you out too.”

Jin decides that they can talk all they want when they are properly up and conscious. He sprints up to Pi, pecks his lips quickly and makes it to the shower even before Pi does.


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