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One-shot: Of waterfalls and kisses

Title: Of waterfalls and kisses
Pairing: Pin
Rated: PG 13
Summary: Day off, rain too heavy to counter and insecurities too easy to dissolve (at least if Jin is the one handling the issue at hand), written with a prompt stuck inside on a rainy day

Originally posted on 10/04/2010 here as a part of Pin Anonymeme the Second

The sky was dark, and the rain falling down was so heavy it looked like a wall of water. It felt like standing inside of the waterfall, trying to look out, Pi thought and sighed. He looked over his shoulder to where Jin was splayed all over his couch, Pi's laptop in front of him, surely rummaging through Pi's music, or movies or porn.

“I really wanted to go out,” Pi said, turning away from the window completely and heading for the couch. He batted at Jin's legs, wanting him to make room for him. The other just bent his knees, heels hanging in the air for a while. When Pi sat down, Jin's legs immediately dropped back down, into his lap.

“To do what?” Jin didn't spare him even a look.

“Nothing particular . . . everything.” Pi ran his hand through his hair.

Jin laughed a little, but it was probably because of something he found in Yamapi's files. Probably that Goth-lolita porn Ryo sent him the other day, Pi guessed by the appreciative hum coming out a second later - his own reaction exactly. He stayed silent, his head falling against the backrest of the couch. It was lucky Jin had gotten here yesterday before the rain started. Still, having to spend his rare free day inside sucked - big time.

“Everything?” Jin's voice and the shuffling of his body brought Pi back to reality. The laptop was closed and on the floor, and Jin had turned around, his own head resting on a few bunched up pillows, eyes watching Pi now, tips of his toes bumping together for the lack of a better thing to do in Yamapi's lap.

“You know; take a walk, shop, window shop for all I care, have a lunch somewhere on a terrace, or just some fast food in a park.”

“Get caught by bunch of fangirls and run away from the masses,” Jin continued for him.

“It’s not that bad if we wear hats and sunglasses. You know that,” Pi said, pouting.

Jin laughed. “Your plan sounded like a date,” he teased, toes nudging Pi's stomach.

“No, not a date, you idiot.” Pi took a firm grip of Jin's toes to stop the tickling and laughed when Jin kept on wiggling them, trying to get away. “Just a day in the sun to take my mind off things,” he added.

“What things?” Jin tilted his head, his look much more attentive now. “Work?” Pi didn't complain much; it had to be serious if he needed a day off and long aimless walk to get over it.

“Not work, not really.” Pi shook his head, “forget it, it's nothing,” he said quickly, placing Jin’s feet back onto his thighs and sighing, staring into nothing, hoping the conversation was over.

Now Jin was interested. He propped himself up onto his elbows and nudged Pi with his toes again. He was gazing up at him, lips turning into a slight pout, eyes bright, curious, only a bit concerned.

“Tomo,” he said lightly, “spill it.”

Instead of an answer, Pi turned on the couch to face Jin properly and, before the other could react, leaned down and kissed him, tongue swiping across Jin's lips. The older gasped, and Yamapi's tongue was in his mouth, and Jin was falling back against the cushions. That startled Pi, and he pulled away quickly, eyes wide, ears pink.

“Oh my . . . sorry,” he sputtered, not looking at Jin properly, scrambling to get up from the couch and escape somewhere, anywhere, into the rain for all he cared. Jin grunted and pushed his legs firmer against Yamapi's thighs, lifting his body up, palms holding him completely this time.

“Where do you think you are doing?” He asked, eyes boring into Pi. “What was that?” He pointed to his own lips, and Yamapi bit his. “Pi you just had tongue in my mouth!” Jin felt the need to point out.

“I . . . ok, sorry, I just . . . do I slurp? Was it that bad? I mean . . . How was it?” Yamapi ended up speaking so fast Jin had to wonder if he had heard right. But then he was once again collapsing against the couch, laughing loudly, making Pi turn even redder than he had been already.

“Who . . . who said that?” Jin got out in between two outbursts.

“Forget it,” Yamapi huffed and wanted to get up, only to be stopped by Jin's legs, one hand pulling at his t-shirt this time as well.

“Stay put, lover boy,” Jin teased. “I'm relieved though. For a moment there, I thought you were in love with me, hiding it for years and all that shit, and you had finally snapped, and I wouldn't have known how to say no to you. I mean, you are my close friend, and I wouldn't be able to break your heart, but dating you? I'm not ready for a relationship. Although maybe with you . . .”

“Jin,” Yamapi squeezed the other man's ankle. “Jin . . . you're a man!”

“Yeah, that too!” Jin flailed.

“All that ran through your mind when I was kissing you? I must really suck. And your brain is impressive and underrated.”

Jin only laughed harder, clutching at his stomach.

“And did you just come to a conclusion that you wouldn't mind dating me?” Pi was starting to find this whole situation really incredulous and had already regretted the impulse. It really had been stupid.

Jin finally stopped laughing, measuring Pi with a careful look again. He was then sitting up one more time, more properly this time.

“Tomo,” he breathed out, suddenly very close to Yamapi's ear. The man turned around, and his eyes went wide as Jin was kissing him already, prying his mouth open, tilting his head to move deeper, his tongue curling around Yamapi's, and Pi's eyes very closing, and he was slowly losing his breath, trying hard to keep up.

When Jin pulled away, he stayed close to Pi, rubbing his wrists that were still wrapped firmly around Jin's ankles. He waited for the other to open his eyes before he grinned at him.

“You kiss like you do everything else, Pi. With vigor, trying hard to give back as much you are getting, even more. Maybe you could, like, go with the flow a little, let the person kissing you please you a bit more.”

Pi gaped at him. “Jin, you just had your tongue in my mouth!”

“Well I didn't concentrate on your technique much last time. If I was to give you an unbiased and detailed opinion, I had to do it. And we are fair and square now,” Jin finished and once again lied down, visibly content with himself.

“I try hard?” Yamapi's mind was still hazy; his best friend had just stolen his breath in a kiss and then analyzed it.

“Yes, but no slurping, most definitely none of that,” Jin stressed.

Pi gaped.

“You know, that chick must be a cow, so just stop thinking about her and find someone with class to kiss next time,” Jin giggled, “if you want to, we can practice. Since it doesn't seem like it will stop raining today. I promise not to tell anyone that Yamashita Tomohisa thinks he can't kiss.”

“Shut up,” Pi let go of Jin's ankles only to tickle the soles of his feet. “I'm not practicing with you. You might really want to have relationship with me.”

Jin was going to protest, but Pi was tickling him, and he had troubles getting some air into his longues as it was.

Ten minutes later, they were lying on the floor between the couch and the coffee table, chests heaving. Jin had retaliated eventually and now was trying to remember when the last time had been that he had a tickle fight with someone.

“Think whatever makes you happy. Just do not get all insecure on me because of a woman not knowing how to dump you,” Jin finally said, ruffling Yamapi's hair.

The warmth from Jin's fingers, in his hair, and everywhere where he had been attacking few moments ago, felt good, soothing.

“This never happened,” Pi grumbled, his confidence back all of a sudden.

“We'll see about that,” Jin countered, “feed me, and I might keep quiet.”

Pi sighed. “Really, you would be too expensive of a girlfriend to maintain; you eat too much,” he said, getting up to his feet, wondering what delivery service would be willing to work in this weather.

“Keep telling yourself that. You just don't want a girlfriend that kisses better than you do,” Jin retorted and reached for his cell phone. Pi looked over his shoulder, curious and a bit scared at who he might have been calling. He leaped when he heard a familiar voice answering on the other side.

“Ryo-chan, come cook us something,” Jin sing-sang, and the man on the other side of the phone sent him to hell. “You are free this afternoon, right? We will be waiting,” Jin added. There was more loud cursing heard before Jin said a light see ya.

“He will be here in two hours. Do you have some instant noodles to keep us content until then?”

Pi nodded. “I have beer too,” he added, and Jin struck a winning pose.

“I need to find out where Ryo gets all that kinky porn. You are helping me get it out of him tonight.” Jin poked a finger into Yamapi's chest en route to the kitchen. Pi just shook his head before going after him, glancing at the still pouring rain. He didn't like getting chased by the fangirls anyway.


I actually like this one better than the first one I wrote, probably because it is finally rated lower than R. And it basically stays a friendship fic. IDK, but my taste (especially of my own fic) is much different than that of the masses. I just liked the idea. Right. end of Pin spam now.

Edits? Comments? Silly mistakes?

Tags: !cross-over, group: kat-tun, group: news, lenght: one-shot, p: jin/yamapi, r: pg-13
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