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This is the all-encompassing and almighty master list of my fics.

I am not really sure if it is any help to anyone else but me. You can always try and use the tags.

General disclaimer, if someone still had some doubts:
It would be really fun, if I could just order them online, and in a week they would arrive in a box all plastered with signs FRAGILE on it.
In the meantime, the only things I own are my PC and .mp3 player.

*last update as of 22/2/2012

Small remarks:
♥ I am primarily a RyoDa writer, and it seems I enjoy writing crossovers in general. Thus, beware of the size of that section.

♥ I like to torture myself, so as long as the story had its own cut, it is probably listed separately in here, even if it has only like 150 words. Follow the word count before you complain about being cheated. The categories, too much of them or filing of the fic under one of them may not make sense to you, but it does to me.

♥ In each section, the fics are listed in (reversed?) chronological order. The more down the list you go, the older they are. I tend to think I did get better at writing in general. Just saying.

♥ I am not a professional writer and I am most certainly not a native English speaker; I don´t use beta often enough, thus I do make mistakes. If they poke you in the eye, point them out. I do not bite and I have the inclination to fix them.

♥ I do appreciate concrit, even if it is not stated so at the end of every entry.

♥ I try not to apologize for my characters being OOC. This is how I see them, you are entitled to respectfully disagree. Fan fiction is still a fiction!!!

♥ I am terribly wordy and tend to talk about writing circumstances of my fics. You can skip through those ramblings, but you´ve been warned.

~~~ ONE-SHOTS ~~~

Arashi (I am really not cut out to write them)
Sho, Aiba
To push through
R, 2326 words, 17/12/2009, Sho and Aiba needs some additional practice, since they always loose in jumping shooter when paired up, just a pwp really
Here with you
PG-13, 2880 words, 24/10/2009, established!, Sho occupies Aiba´s living room a bit too much

Ohkura, Ryo
Like Math Without an Equation
NC-17, 2581 words, 08/11/2010, related to Half Past the Point of Oblivion: And This is How You Will All Die[t], more precisely to Subaru/Ryo and Ohkura´s storylines. Ohkura is chasing after a slim figure and thinks Ryo needs to relax.

Ryo, Subaru
History repeated
R, 997 words, 17/07/2010, pwp, written for misetekink , originally posted here, They are both desperate enough that night.

♥ Random
NC-17, 820 words, 02/10/2010, related to In between mugs of coffee and piles of snow, PWP drabble where Ohkura sulks about getting left behind but quickly finds a solution.

♥ Ace, Arsenal
State of Balance
NC-17, 9900 words, 24/12/2011, for je_holiday 2011. Originally posted here. 8uppers on a road trip, where a job, a fair and ice-cream running down cold fingers happens.
Scruffy drawings
NC-17, 873 words, 18/12/2011, too much time take Ace to the beach and Arsenal to where Ace is.

Underneath the Christmas tree
PG, 1304 words, 26/12/2010, Everyone ends up in one big pile under Ueda's tree
Tap-dancing is out of question
G, 1655 words, 17/11/2009, Ueda´s injured (rofl him again) and KAT-TUN unites to make it better, feat Ryo (I can´t help it!)
Wish on something
G, 997 words, 17/09/2009, Ueda spends his birthday in bed, sick, caring ensues

Jin, Nakamaru
NC-17 (pet fic), 3707 words, 19/07/2011, Jin and Nakamaru has always come to each other for the moments of care. Only one day, Jin wants more than that.
Yet another pet fic
PG, 814 words, 24/01/2010, this probably isn´t how a pet fic should look like
We don´t roll the way
NC-17, 2542 words, 18/11/2009, written for smut/kink meme, though the only kink here is Maru´s nose

Jin, Ueda
In all kind of shapes and sizes
NC-17, 13 786 words, 25/03/2010, Jin´s solo concert is approaching and he likes to grab things. Ueda likes his feet bare and thinks moving in is a solution to writer´s block. The both think newly-weds wear matching pink aprons, and this isn´t as cracky as the summary suggests, written for fic_the_faith
The one with cliché and ponytails
PG-13, 2366 words, 09/12/2009, Jin doesn´t look that good, and Ueda feels like telling him, hair pulled up and no hat and things look very differently
Jin´s mission
PG-13, 3040 words, 09/07/2009, Jin shows Ueda how to enjoy food, !established Ryoda at the end

Kame, Jin
International calls
NC-17, 2021 words, 04/02/2011, Jin feels like having some hot phone sex, never mind Kame is actually in the room (this was not meant to actually be established :D).

Kame, Ueda
Patient care
PG-13, 4009 words, 18/05/2010, AU!, Doctor Kamenashi likes music and his job and does not think he can have more, does not want to. Until Ueda walks into an emergency room, or maybe until he stands on the stage . . .
No more complaints
R, 599 words, 23/01/2010, Kame is tired of all the teasing going on during CT-KT
Drunken Call
PG, 2398 words, 12/07/2009, Kame has had a bad day, calling Ueda has only topped it off, one of my personal favorites ♥

Kame, Nakamaru
The quality check
NC-17, 2174 words, 05/07/2011, written for je_fqfest, originally posted here, pwp in which washing machine cliché is abused to one heart's content.
Packt of Solace
G, 611 words, 02/06/2010, quietly, side by side

Kame, Koki
Hit the nail on the head
PG, 634 words, 10/08/2010, that baseball AU verse, established, domestication in the household of a baseball player
The death of one kitchen table
NC-17, 1007 words, 07/02/2010, that baseball AU verse, established, pwp drabble taking place the same night as the end of Keeping me happy
Keeping me happy
PG-13, 4961 words, 04/01/2010, that baseball AU verse, established, Koki is keeping his promise and Kame doesn´t like the intensity
For the love of the game
PG, 4406 words, 23/08/2009, AU, the beginning of that baseball AU verse, story about Kame- the local baseball player and Koki that just wants to make him happy ;D

Koki, Ueda
Dog's life
PG, 1759 words, 10/06/2011, Ueda and Koki finally get to work together. Only somehow it's not as fun when you have to punch your co-star every day.

Nakamaru, Ueda
Caught in a moment (Stay tuned)
NC-17, 6280 words, 17/09/2011, for help_japan, How long does it take for people who have always been close to actually come together?
The rucksack back
NC-17, 1527 words, 15/04/2011, !established, pwp . . . because Ueda likes Nakamaru's back and can really appreciate it.
Make it, take it
NC-17, 12 179 words, 25/03/2011, !AU, written for fic_the_faith 2011, originally posted here, The basic description of a love bandit: has 4 to 5 accomplices, steals money from love hotels and . . . steals you heart. Or at least someone's heart.
No weak master
hard R, 1934 words, 01/02/2011, When Nakamaru needs to learn how to use a whip for his variety show, Ueda willingly teaches him.
Countdown to Breakdown
R, 2344 words, 02/01/2011, spin-off from Underneath the Christmas tree, in which Ueda has bad memory so he starts counting again.
In control
NC-17, 4442 words, 04/03/2010, has some random Akame and Jinru and basically the entire KAT-TUN is involved in this "Ueda and Nakamaru" should just fuck" business, remix of amazing In just seven days I can make you a man by myxstorie
NC-17, 997 words, 23/01/2010, pwp, Maru is a prude

♥ Random
G, 342 words, 03/10/2011, Ueda, Nakamaru and Kame take a walk in the sea of tourists.

Koyama, Shige
Shoujo manga
NC-17, 1293 words, 23/02/2010, pwp, probably the most graphic thing I have ever written nicknamed crack rimming!
That kind of relationship
PG-13, 1382 words, 09/09/2009, Koyama talks about their relationship in an interview, Shige might not like it

Ryo, Yamapi
Sleepyhead of the month
G, 755 words, 31/05/2010, Ryo is tired, Yamapi wants to hang out, there is always a compromise somewhere out there to solve the problem
Massu´s Christmas ambition
PG-13, 7861 words, 15/12/2009. je_holiday fic about one magical costume and Massu sharing his joy, it is Massu´s POV

Ryo, Shige
PG-13, 4174 words, 02/01/2012, after Ryo and Yamapi leave, there are places to fill and roles to rearrange, and Shige finds his place almost too naturally.
The pot flower that saw it all
PG-13, 2977 words, 08/11/2011, written for je_telephone and originally posted here, A love story through the eyes of one potted plant.
Chair Chronicles
PG 13, 10 825 words, 31/03/2011, !(high school) AU, !Mreg, written for reel_johnny for the movie Juno, originally posted here, Ryo has been eying Shige's magnificently yellow running shorts for a while. When Shige proves to be quite competent, Ryo realizes that's all he'll be doing for at least the next 9 months.
Daikon Addiction
PG 13, 4487 words, 27/02/2011, !AU, kind of sequel to Let´s Brew, The Gigantic Vegetable Club needs saving. Co written with tokeruyouna
NC-17, 2742 words, 13/01/2011, written for New Year's Bunny meme and posted here, Ryo is not willing to give up the sex just because he finds himself in love.
Traces of salt
PG-13, 9372 words, 25/12/2010, AU!, written for je_holiday 2010, in which Nino believes in mermaids, Ryo is a marine scientist who hates fish and Shige has to deal with both of them crashing his too calm life
Let´s Brew
NC-17, 3766 words, 11/10/2010, !AU, Shige and Ryo are agriculture Uni students with eminent interest in brewing beer and in each other. Co written with tokeruyouna
Soul cravings
soft R, 9050 words, 26/08/2010, !AU, written for newsficcon, originally posted here. How does it feel to have no soul and how does one manage without it and the concept of human feeling?
Grounds of Challenge
NC-17, 8953 words, 05/08/2010, future fic, written for je_ficgames, originally posted here. Shige finds himself with nothing to do when J&A refuses to market NEWS as a boyband once all of them turned 30.
Summer storm
PG-13, 1511 words, 20/07/2010, just as the weather changes quickly in the summer, the relationship between two men does two, for one of the anon memes
Teddy on the watch
PG-13, 815 words, 31/05/2010, By the end of this story, a teddy sitting in NEWS practice room wishes for some cosmetic changes to his anatomy
Rimming project number three
NC-17, 2691 words, 22/05/2010, PWP, rimming, Shige has ideas and offers Ryo a deal that is hard to refuse.
I wonder, wonder, wonder . . . will it be just you and me (aka The untitled 3k porn)
+ Shige/Jin, NC-17, 3446 words, 09/04/2010, Jin somehow finds himself in the middle of a lovers´ game. He is not protesting.
Let me entertain you
PG-13, 1029 words, 23/01/2010, Ryo has a bit too much time, Shige has none
Sharing is caring
R, 4278 words, 07/10/2009, Tegoshi deserves to be tortured, and Shige now thinks of things never thought of before (at least not with Ryo in the same trail of thoughts)
Fear with me tonight
PG, 1655 words, 25/08/2009, There is a ghost behind the door and RyoShige needs to get rid of it, bit of crack for the soul

♥ Random
I’m sticking with you
PG, 1002 words, 27/02/2011, Koyama-centric display of love of sparkles, JE boys and someone special ;D (!established KoyaPi at the very end)

Jin, Yamapi
Tangles of what is left behind
NC-17, 22 508 words, 23/10/2011, for help_japan, !future fic, Jin fails in USA. He meets a girl and moves to Hawaii. Yamapi doesn't understand. RyoDa are "the married couple" that knows it all.
G, 594 words, 23/11/2010, prompted with "Baby, it´s cold outside". Contains holding hands and creepy "stalker" Yamapi.
Keep them stored
PG, 827 words, 03/10/2010, Jin needs to stock up on good food and other specialties available only in Japan.
The answer is always no
G, 315 words, 01/06/2010, Jin and Yamapi have a count of how many people misunderstand their relationship
PG-13, 800 words, 08/05/2010, Jin´s reasoning might be a little too "natural" but it seems to be enough for Yamapi after all, glimpse of an established Ryoda at the end, this is kind of supposed to be cracky
Of waterfalls and kisses
PG-13, 1627 words, 10/04/2010, Insecure Pi? Jin will have none of it!, for the Pin Anonymeme the Second
Wake up call
R, 2408 words, 02/04/2010, Pi has problems getting up in the morning, Jin has decided to fix the problem, for the Pin Anonymeme the Second
Human resources
PG, 329 words, AU
Only for you
NC-17, 1473 words, 04/10/2009, Last drive of the season
LA escapades
G, 3788 words, 04/07/2009, Gen about one spur of the moment (or one would think so) trip to LA, just to see a basketball game

Koyama, Ueda
It´s in his voice
PG-13, 4878 words, 06/10/2010, Koyama finds himself under the spell that is Ueda Tatsuya´s voice and presence. Summer romance written for jerainbowbridge, originally posted here
How are you
PG-13, 1174 words, 08/09/2009, fragmental story that has something to do with some old photograph
Figuratively speaking
PG-13, 1539 words, 08/07/2009, when Koyama falls, he falls hard, right on his ass

Nakamaru, Masuda
And there were spies
R, 11 694 words, 4/10/2009, very prominent Ryoda on the side, Nakamaru and Massu go on a trip to Okinawa, the rest of the NEWS and KAT-TUN with captain Jin and lieutenant Pi in the lead follows, written for jerainbowbridge
PG-13, 290 words, 21/05/2009, Nakamaru likes what he sees
Bend the truth
PG-13, 1528 words, 16/07/2009, Nakamaru can bend many things, where are his limits?

Ryo, Nakamaru
In between mugs of coffee and piles of snow
NC-17, 8162 words, 20/01/2010, Ryo, Ohkura, Yamapi, Jin and Nakamaru get snowed in together, loads of friendship craziness follows

Ryo, Ueda
So over the rocker phase
R, 7815 words, 14/02/2012, !AU, Written for RyoDa Ficolate exchange. Originally posted here. Ueda's life changes when his real and on-line world collide.
Getting it right
NC-17, 2724 words, 22/09/2011, written for RyoDa-thon, Ryo wants to make out with Ueda. Ueda wants to know why. Ryo's life is hard, and Ueda isn't as opposed to the idea as he appears to be.
Hide and Seek
PG-13, 8906 words, 07/08/2011, !AU, Ueda Tatsuya wants his next album to be just perfect. Ryo Nishikido just needs some work to tie him over while he waits. This makes coming to an agreement easier. Even if Ryo can't see and Ueda wants to hide.
Yamapi In The Men’s Room With The Wicked Dance Move
NC-17, 11 200 words, 12/07/2011, co-written with tokeruyouna for je_devilorangel 2011, originally posted here, In which Jin has a concert in a disco bar in Paris, which might actually just be a cover up for a much more intricate plan, which is made of complete fail because it's Jin and Yamapi. This is also the reason why it actually works out. Kind of.
Look back and watch me . . .
NC-17, 1810 words, 08/05/2011, !established, pwp, !spanking. Ryo has ideas. Ueda has them too. Or the one in which the writer takes kinks seriously.
PG, 1178 words, 08/05/2011, The ways tha always work, the things that always happen, the words that are always said, and moments when all those patterns fail.
G, 426 words, 21/04/2011, Of things that lay between one Nishikido Ryo and Ueda Tatsuya.
Oceans, pillows and other soul searching devices
R, 3334 words, 04/04/2011, Ueda decides to search for his ocean. Ryo may be searching for Ueda.
Think outside the box
NC-17, 3178 words, 14/02/2011, written for ryoda_love's Ficcolate exchange, originally posted here, Ryo wants chocolate from Ueda. He also wants into Ueda's pant. Ueda refuses to be the girl in this scheme.
Slip a little more (out of oblivion)
PG-13, 2538 words, 14/02/2011, written for ryoda_love's Ficcolate exchange, originally posted here, Sometimes the small things add up until you need to let go, need to hold on, need to press closer. Sometimes, you still run away.
I like the way you move
NC-17, 2890 words, 16/01/2011, written for New Year's Bunny meme and posted here, Jin's nostalgia somehow causes Ueda in maid dress which somehow causes the fulfillment of Ryo's fantasies.
PG-13, 961 words, 14/12/2010, prompted with I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night. The night sky in Tokyo holds many surprises and just for a moment, everything feels different.
Muffin affair
G, 771 words, 28/09/2010, !AU, related to The no-talk project, Ryo-centric, How it all began or why are muffins so sweet to begin with?
Ninja style
hard R, 3412 words, 26/09/2010, Meeting and really interacting after a long time brings some startling revelations for Ueda and Ryo. And some pretty interesting desires.
Guards down
PG-13, 2701 words, 04/09/2010, !established, related to Half of the world and The other half of the world, What happens when the dust settles and now it is the happily ever after?
Pillow Hugger
PG-13, 872 words, 17/08/2010, pillows were always there to be hugged, until the day a person finds something even better. will pillow be enough of a substitute?
The no-talk project
NC-17,11 558 words, 08/08/2010, AU!, written for je_fqfest, One muffin and an annoying customer are at the beginning of a relationship that keeps a whole company entertained. What happens when a boss decides to meddle? Cameos by the rest of NEWS and KAT-TUN. originally posted here
So fragile (still baby alert)
G, 619 words, 31/07/2010, !established, continuation of Baby alert drabbles, Rie comes home but Ryo´s insecurities do not leave it.
So kickable, yet so kissable
PG-13, 1363 words, 20/07/2010, for anon meme, about awkward yet cute kisses with tons of cheesiness
No strings attached
NC-17,4326 words, 09/06/2010, AU!, Ryo finds himself in a chat-room modd-ed by Uepon, a pretty man who is willing to pop Ryo´s cyber sex cherry, no only if they can manage to not fail for once
PG-13, 544 words, 06/06/2010, They never stop sliding after that, though the pressure lessens, and the touch turns softer.
Dead bug
PG-13, 1260 words, 01/06/2010, So what exactly is behind Ryo´s sudden interest in yoga?
R, 781 words, 08/05/2010, When it is need, necessity and inevitability
G, 557 words, 08/05/2010, !established, backpains
G, 570 words, 08/05/2010, established!, breakfast times!
The aftermath
PG-13, 1654 words, 24/02/2010, kind of a sequel to And there were spies focused on the "side" pairing and what happens to them after they climb down that tree house
Baby alert
PG, 895 words, 22/02/2010, snippets of a fic "never to be finished" about what all could go down if Ryo found a baby on his doorsteps
Dawn first, dreams later (or The “5 times plus 1” fic that refused to get a name)
NC-17, 5753 words, 14/02/2010, 5 mornings (plus 1) that Ryo and Ueda spend together, for ryoda_love Ficolate exchange
Ueda´s snow hate
G, 474 words, 23/01/2010, Ueda holds a grudge
PG-13, 778 words, 23/01/2010, feat Ohkura who brings Ryo-chan "home" after a night out drinking, or does he?
Something in common
PG-13, 963 words, 29/11/2009, established, but centered around Massu and Ueda friendship, Ryo´s just there because I can´t help it
The memory of you that my body remembers
NC-17, 10 554 words, 24/12/2009, There is a bet going on, but who would really gain something at the end
Shirts in common
PG, 2263 words, 6/12/2009, established in omake!, the same shirt, different color and things they might have in common
Birthday boy
NC-17, 3181 words, 10/11/2009, basically PWP with a motto of Ueda´s birthday presents being the best
Giving up
PG-13, 2612 words, 04/10/2009, feat Ohkura and other random K8 members, Yassu´s manipulation, broken pants and Ohkura being on the top (of things)
No expectations
PG-13, 883 words, 23/09/2009, drabble about how far away really is
I can take care of you
R, 2259 words, 08/09/2009, Both Ryo and Ueda are freshly out of relationship and deal, in not so ideal way.
To woo
PG, 1544 words, 07/08/2009, Inspired by lousy ankle straps Ueda wears in one photoshoot. Has a kind of sequel in the form of Pink, the miniseries, but it is kind of cool only on its own.
Practice makes perfect
NC-17, 1583 words, 29/07/2009, Ueda grooms his skill to prove himself and prevent future complaints
PG-13, 2122 words, 21/07/2009, mild crack about how Ryo´s life is hard, prompted with: “Man has to suffer. When he has no real afflictions, he invents some.”
The love I had
PG, 2788 words, 11/07/2009, totally failed attempt at angst, but Ueda is headed for a hospital, thinking of the worst
You freaking little schemer
PG-13, 1256 words, 10/07/2009, established!, Ryo tricks Ueda into going to Osaka to meet his family
I can´t spar
R, 5200 words, 07/07/2009, Set after the K8 ambush of KAT-TUN´s eight BTR concert, the same stage, the same memories, the same trigger
Me, us, this
PG-13, 686 words, 22/06/2009, changes in trust and living conditions ;D (a bit of established at the end)
Summer bed
PG-13, 2090 words, 18/06/2009, established!, summer morning, day off, and two men laying in the grass
Pretty in pink
PG-13, 4282 words, 07/06/2009, Which of the two looks better in pink pajamas?
The other half of the world
PG, 3746 words, 31/05/2009, Sequel to Half of the world, twisting the reality a little, or is it?
Half of the world
G, 1749 words, 26/05/2009, Ryo keeps on finding messages looking like they are for him
Sparkly as NEWS
G, 329 words, 21/05/2009, established!, Ueda wants sparkles
PG-13, 758 words, 21/05/2009, established!, climbing stairs towards their apartment
Tempting pink
PG-13, 3008 words, 01/05/2009, written for Pink Pajamas captain_u challenge, the consequences of Ueda´s pink escapades
Ueda was sick
PG, 3692 words, 14/04/2009, established!, not much plot, just a calm weekend spent in the countryside and some unexpected visitors
Did you mean it?
PG-13, 3371 words, 10/04/2009, Ryo tells the truth and Ueda has a hard time believing it, classical RyoDa pattern, one might say
Of plans and phonecalls
PG-13, 5564 words, 03/04/2009, established!, sequel to Staying overnight, what happens in Osaka, two POV´s again, quite repetitive this time, if you want my advice, read Ryo´s.
Staying overnight
PG, 1562 words, 28/03/2009, established!, Ryo makes Ueda come visit him in Osaka, this came about while I was traveling and was too much fun to write, include two short separate stories, Ueda´s and Ryo´s POV
Glasses are cool
PG-13, 1125 words, 19/03/2009, 5 reasons why Ueda likes to wear glasses
Time to take action
PG, 3185 words, 04/03/2009, sequel of No one to come home to, where Ryo is always riding elevators and Ueda has to figure it out on his own
No one to come home to ...
PG, 2445 words, 26/02/2009, 5 lonely nights and one that might have been a little better

The ones I really can´t fit into any of my existing categories (mostly because everyone is in it!)
@The Very Very Very Bad And Awful Ueda And Gackt Fic That Should Never NEVER Have Ever Been Written. EVER.
NC-17, 2148 words, 12/10/2010, In which Ueda is too pretty (and young looking) and Gackt believes there is some magic behind it. And he is willing to do anything to find out what it is. Cowritten with tokeruyouna
@Half Past the Point of Oblivion: And This is How You Will All Die[t]
NC-17, 29 182 words, 21/06/2010, A tale behind perfect thighs of men in J&A and many more. Features Arashi, Kanjani8, KAT-TUN, NEWS, and more in just about any and every combination you could think of. And I love this very very much. Co-written with tokeruyouna for JE Devil or Angel collaboration challenge, the original version is posted on her journal here
@Airport kisses, series of drabbles connected with the theme of airport kisses, 30/12/2009
Jin/Kame,G,462 words * Jin/Ryo, PG, 302 words * Ryo/Ueda, PG, 329 words * Jin/YamaPi, PG-13, 407 words * Jin/Ueda, R, 637 words
Jun/Toma, PG 13, 256 words, a bit BDSM

My J-rock adventures
@ Private Santa
Die/Kaoru, 849 words, 20/12/2009, Die wants a big Christmas party, Kaouru disagrees
@ Darkness
Die/Kaoru, PG, 1226 words, 04/10/2009, trivia: apparently Kaoru needs total darkness to fall asleep
@ Various birthday drabbles
PG, all under 500 words, Shinya/Toshiya


finished, R to NC-17, 15 481 words, published between 30/04/2010 and 23/01/2011
Parts: ~~Blurring lines~~ * ~~Playing with fire~~ * ~~Travelling down the time spiral~~ * ~~Riding on the wave of untold
Train rides to university town are long for Ueda Tatsuya and what is the better way to spend them then by doing something useful? Or something you love? Maybe both? What about writing fan fiction? How could anybody find out? (!AU)

PINK (miniseries, because I am odd)
finished, PG-13 (in all but one part), 12 696 words, published between 08/08/2009 and 17/08/2009
Parts: ~~1~~ * ~~2~~ * ~~3~~ * ~~4 rated NC-17~~ * ~~5~~ *
Spin off from To woo, Ryo and Ueda,manga-like falling asleep in the middle of dates, pink ribbons and aprons and cooking and those two playing a game and not knowing when to stop

finished, overall rating PG-13 for a small display of Ueda´s boxing skills and some kissing, 33 093 words, published between 16/04/2009 and 18/05/2009
Chapters: ~~1~~ * ~~2~~ * ~~3~~ * ~~4~~ * ~~5~~ * ~~6~~ * ~~7~~ * ~~8~~ * ~~9~~ * ~~10~~ * ~~11~~ * ~~12~~ * ~~13~~ *
My take on "Ryoda history" full of classical misunderstandings and cliché and spiced up by Nakamaru Yuichi getting entangled in all that mess.

Tags: *index
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